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Mr. Sell Out!

Mr. Sell Out - a #jk Collection
"It's a sonic autobiography. It came about after some friends and I were discussing how we are now creating a similar account like the account of Rome's final days, from the fall of the Roman empire 2000 years ago. I'd really like to have heard what a songwriter might have written if they'd chronicled that time, that society, those people's thoughts from a musician's point of view.   
I started thinking, well, I am doing that, as a father and musician during a time when many feel our society has passed its zenith and fallen so low that those who challenge our political leaders are being vilified as betrayers. And so, I present—once moresongs that travel in a way, the human aspect of being alive now, whether it's a political point of view, a sexual or erotic one, or perhaps a description of doubt."
A very personal collection of songs, chronicling  #jk's solo career up till now.
All songs are shareable, and can be bought in every digital format imaginable. All songs are completely remastered, using the original mix-tapes. All downloads come with the original video.
Each song costs only 50 cents.