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happy 30th anniversary | !JP's MAN SIZED SEX, TED

The very first album by art-rock extravaganza !JP was released 30 years ago.

DEAR CITY | re-release (2013)

In het kader van De Week van de Industrie Cultuur, een re-release van de festivalfilm DEAR CITY, welke gedurende de zomer, herfst en winter van 2013 rondtrok ter promotie van #JK’s Zaanse plaat INDUSTRIAL CITY IN THE CLOUDS.De film, echter, is GEEN officieel onderdeel van het 2020 programma. Het fungeert slechts als een alternatief stukje entertainment voor thuisblijvers en -komers. 

stock up for winter | THE YOUTUBE ALBUM PLAYLISTS

In this ongoing covid-landscape, winter is upon us. Which equals a different type of social-isolation than the one we “suffered” during the spring- and summer-time.What better reason—isolation-wise, that is—is there, to stock up on some music.In order to put us through the period, which is upon us all—except when you’re living on the southern hemisphere, obviously—we gladly point you to every #JK album available on YouTube-music—the ones that were made available via the record company, and the ones we put out there which weren’t—for some reason—not cleared for the service; for instance the extended version of From the Hermit’s Bedroom and the 2013 ‘oblation’ to Record Store Day the Japanese produced, called ANALOG—a collection of alternatives.In the upcoming time of socio-iso, as I like to abbreviate it, completely submerged in the sweet sounds of music, mind: not every reclusive person suffers from social anxiety disorder! Some people just don’t like to mingle. Some people find thems…