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2024 | another celebratory year--new music included

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CELEBRATORY 24 | surrender the pink [the 20th anniversary of the !JP album]

  Surrender The Pink (20th anniversary edition) by !JP

CELEBRATORY 24 | Calendar Boy HD-edit now available


FARADAY CAGE | the ninth album... out now!!!

Faraday Cage  is the ninth album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning. It was released on 25 April 2024 by Out Of Office Records. It was produced by Jean Koning and recorded in studios in London, and Amsterdam from May to November 2023.        1. G*dd*mn (Jezebel Style)                                                                                                     2. Driving I-22 3. Where To Now? 4. Dusty Lamp Light In A Cheap Motel, Highway 61 5. Wild Dreaming Tonight 6. Hammond And Rhodes: Duelling 7. Andy Warhol Hasn't Answered Yet 8. Oh God, Why Are You Sneding Me Away?             Background:                                    “Can I hear an Amen?” Set in both rural places (far off the map), and on lonely highways. Sometimes in cheap motels. And most definitely in sweaty weather. During endless Summers in which there’s no escape from the frying, boiling, searing rays of the sun. “Faraday Cage”–as a metaphorical, narrative album of bluesy, jazzy, and folkish