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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | POOR JERICHO presale & last single

Poor Jericho is the eighth studio solo album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning; produced by Jean Koning and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown in a mobile studio in Zaandijk. The session musicians recorded their parts at home or while streaming on-line. Recording sessions were from May to September 2020. The last single (in single mix edit) "Under Milk Wood" is out now!               A limited edition vinyl picture disc is also available for your collection! Presale of the album POOR JERICHO has begun on BandCamp Buy >>>here . ********** 1. Corrupted Blood Incident                          2. Under Milk Wood (ft. Ralph George)       3. Panem Et Circenses                                   4. Waltzing Under African Skies                   5. Broken Horse                                             6. Between Corona And Surface                    7. Dear Kitty                                                 8. Liberate Te Ex Mach

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | UNDER MILK WOOD (limited edition vinyl picture disc)

  Two weeks until the last stop (in single form) before Jericho... This is a collab beyond anything... Not only the collab between me and the piano, between the piano and the wonderful percussionists... We also have the wonderful Ralph George to join us for a moment... Plus, some 90s club DJ added some danceable feat for your September pleasure... Now, we also have a tiny, tiny, tiny grassroots factory (as if that's a real thing) to create these handmade picture discs (vinyl for your walls)... Yes, they are expensive (€50,00), but also very pretty...