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TRY TO BE A PART OF IT - an anti-christmas song

"A tiny song approved by Tom Waits" Vocal, guitar and prepared piano: Jean Dementia Violin: Ruud Music box: music box Our correspondent at the BBC: Mike Sleigh bells: James Written and produced by Jean Koning (The music box plays a song composed by Franz Xavier Gruber) *** Due to financial, social and political situations, Christmas has had to be cancelled this year The Prime Minister has forced all shops to close early in December to avoid the Christmas shopping rush There have been no further plans to reinstate Christmas as a National Holiday Children and adults will be carrying out their daily routine on the 25th of December from now on... This time I won't go to bed at two And this time I'll make the day revolve around you And this time I'll put up decorations everywhere And this time I won't detect any despair I'll try I'll try I'll try I will try to be a part of it this year This time I won't meet my friend in the pub And this tim