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CELEBRATORY 23 | l'hôtel du freaks [the 20th anniversary of the !JP album]

L'Hôtel Du Freaks (20th anniversary edition) by !JP

on ON COMMON GROUND | republished

On Common Ground by Jean Koning Albums are too damn long, and they keep getting longer. The ability to cherry-pick favourites, which became easier with CDs and then too easy with iTunes and streaming, has turned the focus away from quality control and towards cramming as much work as possible into a record. What used to be called a double album is now the norm. The EP is undervalued. Concise and stripped-down, it’s a format that knows its limitations, there for new artists who want to experiment and get themselves out there, and for established acts to release leftover material. EPs were at their best in the late ‘70s to early ‘90s, peak eras for punk and alternative rock, when anybody could pick up a guitar but most only had the patience for a few songs. It was a good time, and for some acts, it’s never gone away. As a last stop before the upcoming MINEO record, Koning honours a fast, short, and pure type of record that deserves more respect. Give it a listen. It won’t take too long.


ON THIS DAY... So... 9 years ago I was heavily promoting theLOTUStape all over the world... I do think this is one of my favourite albums... To engage you once again to undergo this album–which is the thing to do with this little pearl–hereby, I re-publish a Social Media Questionnaire... Some of the answers are still accurate, though… Looking forward–not backwards–to the Tenth Anniversary of this album (and let’s see if we can plan a couple of parties again) I now leave you with these fleeting thoughts… 9 years ago Jean Koning   is in   Los Angeles, United States Good morning! They asked me to answer some questions for this social-media questionnaire, however, they did not mention it would be 84 (!) questions. But I did it anyway, it burned me, but I did it. It’s all live on the blog, right now, but I thought it would be nice if I’d post it here as well. So enjoy my little world of weirdness hidden in 84 questions… 84 Questions 1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the


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