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Koning began writing lyrics for the album before setting the words to music. He has cited the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud and Edgar Allan Poe as influences, as well as the artwork of Anton Pieck, the mythology of Pygmalion and music of The Dresden Dolls, De Kift, and The Velvet Underground. He has also spoken of researching the history of his birthplace Zaandam and neighbouring hamlets, including the notorious murder in the fitting room in 1984. He combined his research with descriptions of local architecture and folklore. During a solo show for political party Groen Links, some weeks after mixing the album, Koning surprised his fan base with a percussive version of Asbestos Poisoning. He played a similar version of the song during his show at De Groote Weiver in September 2012. During the same time, he announced the release of the album on his website. He told a local TV-channel in New York City in November 2012: "I was really enjoying this different, enormous, wide breadth of soun

〄 ANALOG // A Compilation

RECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE RELEASE . Exclusively available on Record Store Day at Record Store Day participating stores in Japan. Will not be available anywhere else in the same format. You know the Japanese are sound-aficionados. I'm extremely thrilled they asked me to do something as exiting as this. So, what you're getting is the most possible perfect sound for the vinyl format. Thanks to the Japanese company who ignited and engineered this all. Also a big hug to my favourite photographer and, as we happen to mention him, best friend S.T. Vacirca for the pre-facelift photo, which decorates the sleeve. I'm grateful for just about everything here. Arigatōgozaimashita; or: ありがとうございました! analog (a collection of alternatives) by Jean Koning side A: Do What I Like To Do / Fading Picture Of a Wedding Dress / SexyBack / California / Soft side B: Pain / Glorious Love / Language (live) / When Doves Cry / You Make It Something It's Not 1.1) written by Koning //

Hit me, baby, one more time!

Jean donates a song to the Springbreakers soundtrack! "A lurid, luminous teen-bender movie, as ludicrous as it is stylish, and Harmony Korine’'s best film in years." Recorded live in a mansion, just outside New Orleans during the "miniatures"-sessions, the song was eventually donated to Mr. James Franco himself for his portrayal of 'Alien' in the film Springbreakers. The song was released as a hidden track on a limited version of the soundtrack. ... Baby One More Time by Jean Koning