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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | DEAR KITTY

Even though I decided not to go full force promo with Dear Kitty—a song inspired not only by Anne Frank and her diary (which she lovingly called “Kitty”) but most definitely by the flaming imbecilic amoeba, who compared her short term lockdown (which wasn’t technically even a lockdown at the time) to the life of Anne Frank, hiding behind a bookcase, in order not to be caught by an entity called Nazi, who systematically murdered millions of Jews, Roma, Sinti, gays, rebels and the likes—I will appear on a couple of radioshows the world over to talk about Anne Frank—as if I’m some kind of expert—music, and obviously the upcoming POOR JERICHO... Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris... Thank you all!!! X #JK Find Kitty over here>>>

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | POOR JERICHO presale & second single

Poor Jericho is the eighth studio solo album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning; produced by Jean Koning and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown in a mobile studio in Zaandijk. The session musicians recorded their parts at home or while streaming on-line. Recording sessions were from May to September 2020. The second single (in single mix edit) "Dear Kitty" is out now!               Presale of the album has begun on BandCamp Buy >>>here . ********** 1. Corrupted Blood Incident                          2. Under Milk Wood (ft. Ralph George)       3. Panem Et Circenses                                   4. Waltzing Under African Skies                   5. Broken Horse                                             6. Between Corona And Surface                    7. Dear Kitty                                                 8. Liberate Te Ex Machina                             BACKGROUND #JK performed three shows in February 2020, which consisted of half of the show he per


“From The Hermit's Bedroom marks Jean Koning’s songwriting coming-of-age” Observer Music Monthly “dense and intense…beauty and passion unravels with repeated plays” 4* Heat “without question his finest [album] since the scorching ‘theLOTUStape’” The Times It’s been five years since the release of FROM THE HERMIT’S BEDROOM—an album based on experiences of total lockdown. A self-imposed lockdown, that is. After years of premiers, openings, and high-class parties, #JK choose to retreat from public-life. However, experience proved, when there’s less white noise coming from the outside, the inner workings tend to seek them in news clippings, rumors, and fantasies. In the wake of such an epiphany, #JK wrote the stories for his fifth solo album. Inspired by books, news events and the outside world—which found a way to seep in through the doors and windows—and on a daily dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms, he fought against the thought of being imprisoned by his own echoes. During the record