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This album is actually the first solo-album by Jean Koning, however, due to contractual issues, the album is issued out as being !JP. A tiny form of resistance by Koning can be noticed on the art-work. Opposed to !JP, the band is (!JP). Koning hit the studio, recorded every song completely in the nude. The album us a collection of covers, material from ON LINE EUROPEAN PLAYGROUND (however, the titles of the songs differ [The Other Side Of Midnight used to be Jack The Ripper, Cruel used to be Ulrike Meinhof and Damned To Hell used to be Caligula]) and a rendition of Old Friend.

happy 10th anniversary | !JP's MAN IN THE MIRROR

Ten years ago, (!JP)'s MAN IN THE MIRROR served as the second and final single from the upcoming album FORBIDDEN PLEASURES SHOUTED TO THE MOON OVER VENICE BEACH. On 17 september 2019, #JK posted a revisit to the song on his YouTube Channel, marking the 10th anniversary of the final recording that eventually ended up as the final (!JP) album.

MINEO | album OUT NOW!

"The New Adam" by  Harold Stevenson, courtesy of Guggenheim << NEW ADAM >> LOST ANGELES >> FEBRUARY 12 >> REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE >>  FOR SADDENING EYES >> OUR LITTLE BOY >> ON COMMON GROUND >>  BREATHE IT << Echoes of a hypothetical love-affair, which transcends over generations, to ultimately result in a reignition of the fulfilment of one's own potential… [ VINYL $35 ] [ CD $20 ] [ DIGITAL $15 ] ******************** ******************** MINEO is the seventh studio album by sinner-songwriter Jean Koning. It philosophically deals with the topics of death, spirituality and social conflict, and makes brief references to ancient Gnostic mysticism from the Apocryphon of John and Greek mythologies, all through the hypothetical eyes of actor Sal Mineo. Sonically, it incorporates a multiplicity of electronica such as synthesizers, drum-machines, and samplers as well as vintage Fender Rhodes, Africa