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So... On this very page in history, which has been altered severely by nature (and for those two conspiracy maniacs out there: this means created in a freaky chinese laboratory under the constant supervision of a usa/europe/islam-coalition-regime, then directly fed to the people through 5G-radiation...--this obviously being a sarcastic remark) I should have been in either Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Antwerp, Montreux, and/or Nice right now, doing that thing I love most (this is such a sarcastic remark, even I blinked): LIVE PERFORMANCES TO PROMOTE MY UPCOMING RECORD... Instead, I am just like you--who knew?--sitting at home, petting the dog, eating and drinking too much, keeping life outside... And although half of the planet (or more) is freaked out by this idea; it's everyday life to me. So nothing has changed very much for me, except for the fact that I am noton a stage right now, doing my best to promote the freaking f*ck--excuse my french--out of t…

on common ground | the second #MINEO single OUT NOW!

She... tried to ignore what Aeron's presence did to her. What both of them did to her. Especially when they were watching her with barely concealed hunger. -Savannah Stuart

On Common Ground (single edit) by Jean Koning

The song ON COMMON GROUND, to me, is a one sided tale of scorching love-affair between a woman and two men. However -- and perhaps a bit like the story of Famous Blue Raincoat, which I recorded for the Lingo: Life Legend Lost album -- things ultimately turn sour. Who's leaving who? Who's the bad guy? Or perhaps; is she the bad girl? Is the narrator addressing the girl or the other guy? Trapped in all that vagueness, I started to travel through the minds of these people... What would I find? Who's watching who now?