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Memory-Lane Time | the !JP years...

Always the invader of art, #JK was once–once upon a long time ago–part of the art-rock band !JP–named after "Justice Of Peace" and not necessarily his initials, and therefore pronounced as "Ilunga Pi" which is more or less the Italian way of saying !JP. This is a memory-lane kind of post… So, we had Jean listen to some of his band-years-tracks and gave him a dictaphone and a couple of beers… And the rest is as vague as his work… This is the transcript of his mind flowing out of his mouth… Existential Nihilism - a collection by !JP "Recorded live in an abandoned theatre in the middle-east of the Netherlands… It tells the story of the dog who used to whisper in the ear of Berkowitz–later better known as The Son of Sam, the serial killer. Recorded in one take, and even though we tried different takes on the song, the first one was the best. We also had this weird little rule, that, if it takes three times or more to record a song, it probably isn't a good song