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POOR JERICHO | republished

Before we set off into a new world of music (or a world of new music , by that matter), we like to draw your attention to the 2021 "Covid-Inspired" album POOR JERICHO. Poor Jericho  is the eighth studio solo album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning. It was released on 20 October 2021 by Out Of Office Records. It was produced by Jean Koning and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown in a mobile studio in Zaandijk. The session musicians recorded their parts at home or while streaming on-line. Recording sessions were from May to September 2020. Poor Jericho produced three singles – "Panem Et Circenses", "Dear Kitty", and "Under Milk Wood".   1. Corrupted Blood Incident                          2. Under Milk Wood (ft. Ralph George)       3. Panem Et Circenses                                   4. Waltzing Under African Skies                   5. Broken Horse                                             6. Between Corona And Surface                    7. D

CELEBRATORY 23 | Dear City [Tenth Anniversary]

Promoting INDUSTRIAL CITY IN THE CLOUDS entered its second leg in the Summer of 2013. After the acoustic live sets (the WOOD instalment) , the video-collection DEAR CITY entered a number of film-festivals the world over, garning both attention to the music and visuality of the subject matter of the entire album as well as a number of accolades and awards. Listen to the full album here>>> Industrial City In The Clouds by Jean Koning Other options to stream or buy the album (both digitally as well as hard copy), check here>>>

CELEBRATORY 23 | HOTEL - Lounge Act Tour '03 [the 20th anniversary of the !JP special]

Once upon a time–and we can measure this in years; in this case twenty–good old MTV allowed some experimental stuff on some of their niche channels. Having said this, experimental, not only in music, but also in visuals. So, twenty years ago, we earned this little slot on one of the Summer-no-one-is-watching-anyway tables to exhibit our little tour-performance film, made by Suus DJ, who was also responsible for the THANK GOD YOUR SPERM IS WEAK DVD, which was released later that year. The L’Hôtel Du Freaks album was celebrated with the audience in 2003 during a pre-summer schedule–which earned us multiple awards–and a post-summer Theatre Tour (in Dutch Theatres only). The pre-tour was labelled HOTEL: Lounge Act and the post-tour HOTEL: DeLounged. The first leg was fully electric, the second mainly acoustic. Now, celebrating twenty years in existence, please, revisit this poorly recorded tour-film-ish thing, once solely owned by MTV, now a public video on YouTube…