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Four Seconds of Pure, White Light

  Four Seconds of Pure, White Light Falling in love. Falling in love after denying yourself to be loved. Falling in love in a state of fear. This short story is, in fact, a heart breaking love letter.   E-book: 12.21 kB/ 10 pages  eISBN: 978-0-244-91564-3 GET IT AT: Google Play   BOL.COM   KOBO 24Symbols Barnes&Noble

Seven shots... singing... drinking again...

<a href="">Seven Shots Of Whisky And Then Try To Sing It - a live recording by Jean Koning</a> Official live albums and bootlegs are always a gamble. The major flaw with official live albums is that the recordings are often wrought with overdubs and studio re-recordings that often kill the songs. Bootlegs are often far more organic, but you never know what the quality of the recording will be. How many times have we spent $25.00 for a bootleg concert that sounds as though it were recorded on a home tape machine? A major flaw with both live albums and bootlegs are that the artist/band's performance often sounds thin, and the songs are usually not up-to-par with the studio recordings. Official bootlegs are usually th

Scar... Remix...

"Dance, dance and more dance..." (quote from the !JP song Two Lovers Who Seize To Be ) <a href="">The Cause Of All My Scars - Remix'd by Jean Koning vs. DJ Christ'Off</a> A long time ago, and it was the 90s, there was a constant dance event. And it just happens to be, although a lot of people consider me punk and not a part of any dance-movement at all, I happened to be a part of that. Our weekly club-outing happened in Amsterdam in a tiny, little club called iT.