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CELEBRATORY 23 | Black Hole Sun

Returning to–the award-winning, mind you–Black Hole Sun. Covers albums are usually a chance for a singer to let their hair down a little, a creative break while they wait for new ideas to come along. Trust Jean Koning to do it differently. The concept behind LINGO: LIFE LEGEND LOST is that all the songs were written by musicians who we've lost between January 2016 and December 2017, all the songs were written during some political or social turmoil, all songs are considered classics, however have very little connection with the current teenagers, wandering aimlessly the planet, facing doubt, racism, and a false sense of connection. All these songs are now reinterpreted by one of the most original musicians around. "I took the lyrics of these songs and tried to interpreted them as very now. What would the song sound like if it were written today? They're basically very simple songs, and yet, very dark ones too. They contain more resistance, anger, empathy and comfort than a

CELEBRATORY 23 | Glorious Love

Returning to Glorious Love (in the '23 P.I.P.L. Mix). "Initially this song was about a suicide... There was this person who kind of fled from this "I cannot be this gay person that I am in this society so I'm going to another society so I can be gay and happy and free"... And once he arrived in this new society, he found out that thát kind of freedom⎯to be whatever you want to be⎯did not exist in this world. So in the end he committed suicide, because he couldn't deal with it...  That was the initial story... Later on it was the theme song for a fashion show during Covid or whatever you want to call it... And... I'm... now... I see... this... you know... we have...  We have a lot of things going on politically... One side you have, like, the conspiracy theorists. They believe the Earth is flat, they believe that the Elite is eating babies... Or at least sucking up blood from minors... And they believe that the whole Covid situation was choreographed... In

CELEBRATORY 23 | Industrial City In The Clouds

Industrial City In The Clouds by Jean Koning Industrial City In The Clouds is the third studio solo album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning. It was released on 25 April 2013 by iMusician Records. It was written and produced by Jean Koning and recorded in a self-build home-studios in Zaandijk from March to July 2012. The string-sessions were recorded in a studio in London in September 2012. BACKGROUND: Koning began writing lyrics for the album before setting the words to music. He has cited the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud and Edgar Allan Poe as influences, as well as the artwork of Anton Pieck, the mythology of Pygmalion and music of The Dresden Dolls, De Kift, and The Velvet Underground. He has also spoken of researching the history of his birthplace Zaandam and neighbouring hamlets, including the notorious murder in the fitting room in 1984. He combined his research with descriptions of local architecture and folklore. During a solo show for political party Groen Links, some