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Reflecting on a very Hermit year...

“From The Hermit's Bedroom marks Jean Koning ’s songwriting coming-of-age”   Observer Music Monthly, 29 March 2017   “dense and intense…beauty and passion unravel s with repeated plays” 4*   Heat, 5 June 2017   “without question his finest [album] since the scorching ‘ theLOTUStape ’”   The Times, 29 May 2017     <a href="">From The Hermit's Bedroom (extended version) by Jean Koning</a>   From The Hermit's Bedroom is the fifth studio album by Jean Koning . The album was written and recorded over a two-year period in

"Heroin" (stream and download version on #soundcloud, now available)

America knows... The single "Heroin", taken from the album "From The Hermit's Bedroom" is now also available as a stream and downloadable track on SoundCloud. Be free to download, share or even (it is almost Christmas, after all) buy the track through SoundCloud... Share the LOVE Share your HEROIN Share! Also: check out the track (and the rest of the album) on >>>SPOTIFY