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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | #FTHB (The Sterx Versions) // Just The Mess We Made

“From The Hermit's Bedroom marks Jean Koning’s songwriting coming-of-age” Observer Music Monthly “dense and intense…beauty and passion unravels with repeated plays” 4* Heat “without question his finest [album] since the scorching ‘theLOTUStape’” The Times It’s been five years since the release of FROM THE HERMIT’S BEDROOM—an album based on experiences of total lockdown. A self-imposed lockdown, that is. After years of premiers, openings, and high-class parties, #JK choose to retreat from public-life. However, experience proved, when there’s less white noise coming from the outside, the inner workings tend to seek them in news clippings, rumors, and fantasies. In the wake of such an epiphany, #JK wrote the stories for his fifth solo album. Inspired by books, news events and the outside world—which found a way to seep in through the doors and windows—and on a daily dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms, he fought against the thought of being imprisoned by his own echoes. During the record

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | STREAMING CONCERTS // the feb 20 soundcheck

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | RECORD STORE DAY 2022 ANNOUNCEMENT // From The Hermit's Bedroom (Sterx Versions) + Existential Nihilism (by !JP)


ongoing Covid-19 affairs | THE TRAGEDY OF SOUND QUALITY // Streaming Concerts

  REDIRECTING >>> here STATEMENT T he SPARS code is a three-position alphabetic classification system developed in the early 1980s by the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) for commercial compact disc releases to denote aspects of the sound recording and reproduction process, distinguishing between the use of analog equipment and digital equipment. The code's three positions refer to recording, mixing, and mastering respectively. The first two positions may be coded either "A" for analog or "D" for digital; the third position (mastering) is always "D" on digital CDs. The streaming concerts we wanted to put out there, were designed as AAD. With that being said, it comes as no surprise I am a "sound" aficionado. In addition to that, I like to be in charge of the sound that I produce, whether it be in a recording session or a live music event. For this series of STREAM CONCERTS, I wanted the music to be "recor

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | FROM THE HERMIT'S BEDROOM // live stream

The Hermit is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing SESSIONS LIVE (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It's the same spirit in which The Hermit a.k.a. #JK loves to work—a stripped-down set, an intimate setting—just a different space. Jean Koning's SESSIONS LIVE (home) concert debut takes place in what looks like close quarters. The singer-songwriter, whose music has served as a beacon for many listeners during his thirty-year career will sit on his beloved bed (or, for the matter, at any place in his bedroom) with a Fender acoustic guitar nearby. Nice detail on the side is perhaps that, in that very bedroom, there's an open doorway to a hidden library, filled with books full of ideas, theories, studies, and stories. As his voice fills the room, it is streamed directly into yours. It's easy to imagine he's in a lighthouse on the cliffs of an unknown region somewhere on Earth instead of the seventies-