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MINEO | available for a limited time

Cleaning the house… Truly an event… Anyway… We found some MINEO stuff in the attic… And we’re Garage Sale-ing it while you read this… So, through the link, you can get your copy of MINEO–the one you long to have; whether it is the Vinyl-form, the CD, or the Digital Package… In addition, we created a new Stream-Version for YouTube. And the Digital-Packages (both on BandCamp or via the link) come with a bonus-track and the original booklet–which was created for the deluxe CD version. In addition, the booklet pages are published here as well… >>>BANDCAMP >>>ARCHIVES ORIGINAL BOOKLET                    

PLAY WITH MY TRIGGER [the very best of !JP] | out now!

  Play With My Trigger -- The Very Best Of by !JP Art-Rock Extravaganza !JP is putting out another greatest hits album. To celebrate 35 years of the band–although at long last rest since 2010– Play With My Trigger will arrive Februari 15 via Sony Music Entertainment. The best-of record will feature 10 tracks pulled from the entire !JP catalog, all listed in random order. It'll include all the hits like "Calendar Boy," "Old Friend," "The Amber Inside The Piss" and "Snake," while adding in some deeper cuts the band consider essential listening. A press release describes it as "underground anthems ready to be played loud on your turntables." >>>celebratory2024

CANYOUGIMMELOVE | returning to theLOTUStape next month

Yes… I’m terrible with memories, I can tell you that… However… Some things spring to mind… Hanging out with 'The Stipe' [Michael Stipe, renowned singer of REM, Eds.], fashion shows, parties, endless parties… Also hanging out with some exiled Arab prince, don’t make me mention his name, but we had a few laughs and drinks… He was nearly killed in a biking accident in Amsterdam–when he came to visit me–over some Stroopwafels (I love the way he called them Stroopwafels as if he was a local)... And then we had some drinks… Obviously…  It was the height of my solo-career as a musician… And everybody wanted me as an actor… It became the reason to become a recluse… God, I love this album…  Jean, october '23 The 10th anniversary of theLOTUStape releases in March...   *Jean's outfit in both the artwork of the album as well as in the #CYGL-video was designed by Rick Owens