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CELEBRATORY 23 | Do What I Like To Do

Returning to Do What I Like To Do. Recorded in 2010 for the shōgekijō (small, experimental, rude, unjapanese) play 殺人でいっぱいのバスタブ (a.k.a Bathtub Full Of Murder) by phthora . In 2012 released as a stand-alone single, it reemerged again in 2013 on the Japanese ANALOG . The 7 inch vinyl single version of the song became a sought-after release. Became the score-song for a Dutch NPO-series (fabulous series, forgot the name); during the announcement week as well–in remix form–for the trailer. analog (a collection of alternatives) by Jean Koning Jean Koning · Do What I Like To Do

CELEBRATORY 23 | Asbestos Poisoning

Returning to–the award-winning, mind you–Asbestos Poisoning. Set to the heartbeat-drone sound of the bass-guitar, continuing in C. Jamming with the entire orchestra to the story of a man, gently dying of Asbestos Poisoning caused by malfunctioning and inability during his his daytime job. This is the story of one person, however a reality of many.  The man devoted his life to his job, ending up with a severe problem a lot of businesses and factories refused to deal with –fact, fact, m*th*rf*cker, bl**dy fact! . In the Industrial City form of realism, this track was one of many, dealing with the problem of human life vs. economics–a topic which returned to form on many other albums after Industrial City.  #JK’s initial idea to record the song, was with some sort of electrolarynx, however, the record company–fused with IM International, and therefore Universal–refused to see this idea realised. #JK–as producer, with S.T. Vacirca as functioning engineer–settled for Autotune instead. Jea


          2023 serves as a celebratory year for a number of musical entries #JK released over the years. Obviously, his band !JP’s L’HÔTEL DU FREAKS reaches the 20th year in its existence. Subsequently, INDUSTRIAL CITY IN THE CLOUDS celebrates its 10th year, and LINGO: LIFE LEGEND LOST its 5th. At the same time, the first Japanese compilation album–which was released during Record Store Day 2013– ANALOG has yielded back into view, since ten years ago, this album–in its short run–was the first “solo album” which sold out. To commemorate that successfulness, #JK has made a new compilation album BEINONI . Spanning his entire solo-career, #JK combined songs from most of his solo-albums, offering new 23-edits, alternative takes, and single releases. Leading up to April 22–this year’s Record Store Day–and both the release of BEINONI as well as the rerelease of ANALOG, starting January 21st, short biweekly (re-)releases will be available on this side, via BandCamp, or through Soundcloud.


Huisarts Carolina Block, psycholoog Laszlo van der Valk en psychiater Liv Doornster werken in Gezondheidscentrum Cinema. Zij hebben dagelijks drie koffiepauzes. Moira is de jongere zus van Liv. Zij is vrij labiel en ongelukkig en kan zich niet ontspannen op seksueel gebied. Moira heeft een verhouding met de getrouwde makelaar Wijnand Wormhout. Wijnand is zeer overtuigd van zichzelf en ziet haar vaginisme als een afwijzing. De geheimzinnige Finn lijkt er alles aan te doen om in behandeling te komen. Livs vader Koop, beheerder van het pand, is een gepensioneerd internist. Wat er gebeurt, neemt hij amper serieus. Spel Marlinde Akerboom ( Carolina Block ), Coen van Heycop ten Ham ( Koop Doornster ), Marlène Kleine ( Moira Doornster ), Jean Koning ( Wijnand Wormhout ), Boris Lameiras ( Laszlo van der Valk ), Andrea de Leeuw ( Liv Doornster ), Michel de Leeuw ( Finn Merkelbach ) Scenario, regie en artistieke leiding Andrea de Leeuw Adviezen script Coen van Heycop ten Ham, Aaron Willebrands