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Ongoing Covid-19 affairs | FROM THE HERMIT'S BEDROOM—three years after the self-inflicted isolation...

[playlist below!] It’s been three years, since Jean released #FTHB and announced his retrieve from society—in his humble and part-time way; as only he can... This year, we’ve faced some pandemic terror on our streets—and, thus, in our social lives. So, perhaps, From The Hermit’s Bedroom makes sense, once again—or still; you'll be the judge of that. It is, perhaps, one of Jean’s most perfect albums—considering the comments people left three years ago. If you’re not yet convinced, these little messages by listeners, may convince you, to put #FTHB in your all-time best to survive some kind of isolated existence playlist—even though Jean does not believe in that type of music-making... *** "I have all of Jean Koning's previous albums, and this one is clearly quite a shock on first listen. The songs are very spare and open, mostly haunting vocals and piano, but after a couple listens I cant help but give this 5 stars. Judging it not by Koning's back catalog, but rather as

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | MINEO (LIVE) // four songs

Recently, we've released four tracks from the only MINEO show Jean performed this year. The tour—obviously—was (first) postponed; however, Jean felt there was more to Covid-19 than the eye could meet, so, ultimately, the tour was cancelled. However, Jean did perform a one-off radio concert in October. And from that performance, these four songs were lifted to live a life on YT. Please, anytime of the year, whether it's during some pandemic crisis or not, enjoy these FOUR SONGS!