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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | #FTHB (The Sterx Versions) // The Cause Of All My Scars

“From The Hermit's Bedroom marks Jean Koning’s songwriting coming-of-age” Observer Music Monthly “dense and intense…beauty and passion unravels with repeated plays” 4* Heat “without question his finest [album] since the scorching ‘theLOTUStape’” The Times It’s been five years since the release of FROM THE HERMIT’S BEDROOM—an album based on experiences of total lockdown. A self-imposed lockdown, that is. After years of premiers, openings, and high-class parties, #JK choose to retreat from public-life. However, experience proved, when there’s less white noise coming from the outside, the inner workings tend to seek them in news clippings, rumors, and fantasies. In the wake of such an epiphany, #JK wrote the stories for his fifth solo album. Inspired by books, news events and the outside world—which found a way to seep in through the doors and windows—and on a daily dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms, he fought against the thought of being imprisoned by his own echoes. During the record

ongoing Covid-19 affairs | !JP's A SINGER MUST DIE--a call for "Classic"...

The Twentieth Anniversary Edition of !JP’s “A SINGER MUST DIE” marks the second occasion to self-proclaim the label “Classic” to one of their─frequently overlooked─extremely artistic efforts in the form of an album. Heavily influenced by William S. Burroughs, maleficent hallucinogens, The War On Terror and visions of an apocalyptic landscape, the dystopian─and often dense─material makes sense even now, twenty years later. The songs are constructed from a distorted mindset, effected by a downward spiral, which in turn is caused by a chaotic, egocentric society─easily retraceable to that one point in history, where hijacked planes flew into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The War On Terror, initiated by the Bush administration in means of retaliation to those─globally felt─terroristic events, is prophetically described in the songs of A SINGER MUST DIE, as a social leache, which every citizen of Planet Earth─regardless of race, identity, social or economical backgrounds, and sexual or