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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | a message from jean // journey to MINEO's SECOND SINGLE

Dear you, When we started our journey to MINEO -- which will still be released this Summer -- we never would have thought the setback Corona would give us. We had radio-performances planned, and some other stuff. However, this quarantaine-travel-ban had made us change plans. Or better yet: end all the plans we had right there and then. However, some of the stuff -- a.k.a. specific release dates -- could not be altered. The trip that would lead us through music to the final destination -- the album -- was laid out specifically and files were forwarded to shops and stuff... So some of our appointments had to be cancelled, but some are also ongoing. Like the two E.P.'s that lead to the album. One of those E.P.'s is >>>FEBRUARY 12 ; which is an album full of alternative remixes of the same song. The other one being ON COMMON GROUND, which is also the title of the second single of the MINEO album. The ON COMMON GROUND E.P. consists of material which was not fit --