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fading picture of a wedding dress | RERUN AVAILABLE NOW!

Nothing can last forever. There isn't any memory, no matter how intense, that doesn't fade out at last. ― Juan Rulfo  She did not belong to the healthy group of widows and widowers who, after mourning, would nurture the seed of their grief into growing from loss—perhaps continuing the dreams of the lost, or learning to cherish alone the things they’d cherished together. She belonged instead to the sad lot who clung to grief, who nurtured it by never moving beyond it. They’d shelter it deep inside where the years padded it in saudade layers like some malignant pearl. ― Darrell Drake, A Star-Reckoner's Lot With these two quotes, we enter the realm of Fading Picture Of a Wedding Dress . Widowhood combined with memory-loss. The song deals with this (still) grieving widow, going through some old photos which evidentially fade like her memory does. “They couldn’t frame you, so where are you now?” she marvels. The Laura Mars reference, obviously, came

amsterdam alternative dance event | DOWNLOAD #INDUSTRIALCITY RMXS FREE

ESCAPE THE ADE MAINSTREAM!!! RETURN TO THE TRUE UNDERGROUND!!! If you’re in Amsterdam, you know what this week brings. It’s the annual pilgrimage of the international nightlife industry known as the Amsterdam Dance Event ( ADE ), which sees hundreds of thousands from all over the world descend onto the venues, co-working spaces, hotels, and Airbnbs for 5 days of bass and beats in the capital. In its 2+ decades, the Amsterdam Dance Event has grown from an underground collection of dance music misfits into a mainstream industry status quo conference, privileging the inner workings of music as trade over the celebration of alternative lifestyles that created house and dance music culture through the years. That said, there are some elements of relief from the thousand+ capacity institutional events like Awakenings, DGTL, Diynamic, Afterlife, and their ilk with a handful of truly off the radar, underground activities meant to provide an alternative escape to the endless after-hour

fading picture of a wedding dress | 7" VINYL VERSION on SOUNDCLOUD

fading picture of a wedding dress | RARE 7" VINYL VERSION RESURFACES FOR THE STREAMERS

Available for only a short moment in 2011—since the record company (and WHY beat around the bush?) didn't want to release this as a single (hence, the only(?)  1,100 copies of it) because they thought this one was the weakest of all the songs available for WAKE UP IN L.A.. However, the 1,100 copies did sell (mostly in both the America's, since Europe and Asia were kind of out of the question...) and now, the original masters (which— obviously —went M.I.A.) have resurfaced and will be brought to you in digital form. We will provide you with the links to the most obvious shopping/streaming services soon, but expect the single to be released on the sites stated below. However, STAY POSTED for more information and direct links!!! Listen to the Bandcamp version—which IS the original vinyl master—right here... Fading Picture Of a Wedding Dress by Jean Koning