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THE STERX VERSIONS | From The Hermit's Bedroom alternative version on vinyl

Record Store Day 2022… Back to Spring-form… April depicts you should pick up some vinyl for your collection… Aficionados know… Back in form for the last time in its delicate existence: From The Hermit’s Bedroom … So, go, US of A, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland… You have a front-seat ride direct into the world of the Hermit… And it’s a world we love to visit… Over and over again―in any form it presents itself to us… Whether it’s for the Alice Walker’s references of Possessing the Secret of Joy , or the Nov 13, 2015 – Nov 14, 2015 attacks on Paris ―causing 137 (including 7 attackers) deaths, and 416 civilian injured people. It’s an album full of death and hurt. An album which entered the Archive For Pop Music within a year after its release―which is rare and an absolute honour; & in this way it will be preserved forever, until the end of mankind―and remains one of the best written and composed #JK albums in existence, or one of the best written and composed a

PAIN | 10th anniversary video remaster

  We're here to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PAIN with a 4K remaster of the original tape. Pain by Jean Koning Other stream/buy options:      

THE DARKNESS DIVINE | huiskamer-tour "SS22"

If you ever wish to witness an exorcism at close proximity, I advise you to visit a JK concert… -New York Times The Darkness Divine , een nieuwe huiskamer-show van Jean Koning, waarin hij wederom de ultieme duisternis omarmt, om via zijn muziek tot die ene, felbegeerde plek van hoop te komen… “Vanuit een naïef standpunt, misschien zelfs een ideologisch standpunt,” zegt hij, “lijkt het daglicht te beschermen, maar we hebben de afgelopen periode allemaal mogen zien, dat, hoe hard je ook probeert, ook het daglicht epidemieën en oorlogen niet kan tegenhouden. Misschien is het weer eens tijd om in onze zielen af te dwalen en daar de troost te vinden in de duisternis waar wij uiteindelijk allemaal onderdeel van zijn…” De titel van het programma is afkomstig uit een gedicht van Kristen L. Harper. Van half mei t/m half juli is de show in Uw huiskamer, tuin, trapopgang, of op een parkbankje of Uw balkon te boeken via Jean Koning? Tja... Misschien als je zou zeggen dat als Nick Cave en PJ Harvey

no more affairs | POETRY TO ENTER A NEW PHASE...

With the lock-down and the ongoing Covid-affairs still fresh in our conscious minds, and not even having beat the virus–in case you wonder; it's still among us–I, as a person, am willing to move on… I am leaving it all behind, like a chapter in a book… I've watched, learned, offered, paused, wondered, cried… and now I'm moving on… And I do that with the first poetry I've published in 14 years… AFTER THE LOCK-DOWN that fathomless depth within him is like a conglomeration wish-list, therefore so is he he wants to bathe in deep coastal blue waters, petting the back of a leatherback sea-turtle while eulogising Jean de La Fontaine he wants to glide by reefs of pink coral, and myriad orangy white-ish schools of anemonefish, all in one breathe closer to home he wants to heroically barefoot down sidewalks, mud, and sand, seeking Zootoca vivipara and wannabe pillagers that would be his friend he wants to watch horror movies on saturday night in the local cinema and dance in the