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This album has a rather diverse music style. Jean uses a lot of jazz and funk in his music, a lot of distortion, and A LOT of sexuality. He produced this album himself, and I do have to say he did a pretty damn good job at it. Where the songs are supposed to sound haunting, they sound haunting, where they're supposed to sound uplifting, they're uplifting; everything sounds the way it should in this album, and although it wasn't produced the happy way most albums have been produced these days, it's not bad at all to hear something a little different for a change. The low-fi, somewhat gritty sound is a great choice for this album. I couldn't imagine it with polished guitar's or vocal's. Jean Koning is one of the most brilliant songwriters out there, not to mention one of the best singers. He has a way of making you know exactly what the song should feel like, be it sad, happy, or angry, and he does such a great job at rubbing it off on you so you almost feel