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Starting January 5th, the single TWISTED (every colour of our rainbow) will be available for download. And for the very first time in his career, JEAN KONING is willing to donate 80% of every sale to the ALL OUT ORGANISATION - an organisation working very hard for raising awareness and basic human rights in the LGBT community. 
The song itself is a sarcastic comment on the event on which one of JK’s (gay) friends was beaten into the hospital, simply because he openly loved someone. In the song JK creates a 1984-like world in which basic human rights and the ability to love, are completely degraded. What he basically sketches in TWISTED is that a man who loves (no ifs, no buts) is an outcast, a pariah. 
ALL OUT is fighting very hard to make sure, this sketch will never be realised. To make sure that man, woman, child - no matter the sexual orientation, no matter the religion and no matter where on earth - should be able to LOVE whoever they LOVE. 
So, PLEASE, send out this message of LOVE to whoever it may concern and download TWISTED on JK’s BANDCAMP page.