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"It was an opium, absinthe and no-sleep experience to record this one," #JK said about recording SURRENDER THE PINK, the most commercial and accessible sounding record by avant-punk band !JP. "We were, in a way, constantly touring, recording and promoting our music between 2001 and 2003. We played a lot of festivals, venues, club nights. We won awards. We were truly out there. And at some point, Van Weely and I needed some time for ourselves. And during that time, the only thing we did was go skinny dipping in Sweden, ride horses in Scotland and record a bunch of new songs. Except for the orchestral parts, we played every instrument ourselves. This was a love-collaboration, in a sick and twisted way. I mean, we locked ourselves away from the world for a couple of months. We shared a home, shared a bicycle, a toilet, shower, you name it. So it's kind of obvious that people hear a lot of love when they play it. Sick, twisted, BDSM, bound, leathery love. But that's as much love as the type of love you see in a Meg Ryan film..."
December 15th, 2016: the re-mastered album SELECTED SURRENDERS is out! Available for the world, released through CROMMANIA RECORDS (the original record company who signed !JP in 1993).
SELECTED SURRENDERS is the first in a series of albums, containing music by !JP from the original albums, re-mastered, edited and sometimes an addition or alternative is added to the albums.
The first album to receive such a treatment is SURRENDER THE PINK (2004).
Availablility through Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Amazon.

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SELECTED SURRENDERS (bonus version):

The first single from the upcoming album FROM THE HERMIT'S BEDROOMTHE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS is out now!
Koning has indicated that THE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS took direct inspiration from Alice Walker’s gut-wrenching Possessing The Secret Of Joy a novel whose narrative revolves around the horrifically real practice of female genital mutilation. Never one to shy away from the topical, Koning succeeds again on what’s likely his most recognizable song by allowing the gravity of the music to carry the enormous weight of the topics discussed in the lyrics.

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Thematically, the lyrics of THE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS are an extended metaphor that’s deliberately vague in its references to sexual oppression, female adolescence, and the perils invariably tied to denying the cruel realities that exist in both contexts. The song lyrically begs for a sort of reckoning, both for its speaker and for the listener with whom it connects. The satisfaction of closure never comes, though, and it’s precisely the thing that provides the song’s most unforgiving punch. With music and lyrics doing battle for the listener’s attention by delivering a troubling glimpse of humanity’s utter cruelty and malice against the backdrop of an outstanding and radio-ready pop song.

The album FROM THE HERMIT'S BEDROOM will be released March 30th 2017.
The first singles from the new album, in addition to THE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS, will be released in the first months of 2017.
There are rumours #JK will tour again to promote his old and new music. However these rumours are not yet confirmed. We will keep you updated on this and other news regarding the new album.

Still celebrating the fact that #JK is active for over 25 years as a one-of-a-kind musician and extremely gifted songwriter.