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Love The Hunt...



The second single taken from FROM THE HERMIT'S BEDROOM is called TRULY LOVE THE HUNT and will be released worldwide on January 19.
TRULY LOVE THE HUNT was written as a silent reply by NOT the victims of bullying, but more so the person who is the bully. Not to investigate the how's and why's, but the side of action/reaction to which a lot of the persons who are bullies turn to. Important inspiration to crawl into the skin of the main character of the song, was the film BULLY. #JK also drew a lot of information from the website >>>URBAN BUCH BABES.  In #JK's hands, the song follows a case of sexual teenage assault and subsequent social media shaming.
TRULY LOVE THE HUNT was presented for the first time, December 30th,  on an Indie Music Blog.
"December 30, 2016. By Tim Whales, >>>source
The dark-synth creator Jean Koning from the Netherlands will be releasing the LP From The Hermit’s Bedroom in March 2017.
On the 19th of January – Truly Love The Hunt – taken from the album will be released as a stand alone single.
Jean delivers music of dark context and outlook, with morose vocal encased in oppressive electronica folding a melancholic embrace around the listener.
Truly Love The Hunt is a roughly three and a sixth minute track which, both, musically and vocally rumbles around the room in ever more obsessive loops as the tale unfolds of assault and social media bullying from the perspective of the perpetrator."

Please, visit the Hermit's Singles page for further details, pre-order options and retailers >>>here.

The first single from the upcoming album FROM THE HERMIT'S BEDROOMTHE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS is out now!
Koning has indicated that THE CAUSE OF ALL MY SCARS took direct inspiration from Alice Walker’s gut-wrenching Possessing The Secret Of Joy a novel whose narrative revolves around the horrifically real practice of female genital mutilation. Never one to shy away from the topical, Koning succeeds again on what’s likely his most recognizable song by allowing the gravity of the music to carry the enormous weight of the topics discussed in the lyrics.

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