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"'If Donald J. Trump becomes president, punk has to come back,' Jean Koning read somewhere, and he took it to heart. And so the old punker returns to the stage, this time with just an acoustic guitar and his voice, in the guise of a sinner-songwriter (sic)." (-Amsterdam Alternative)
The album will be released November 25th. Pre-orders for the Bandcamp digital version have already begun.
More information about JK's first offical acoustic-punk-live album called "seven shots of whisky and then try to sing it - a live recording", as well as more promotional live dates to be announced soon...

"I heard from a DJ friend of mine that The Cause Of All My Scars was going to be released in the summer of 2017 with a push towards the Club Church Remixes (which are more like remixes of Christ'Off's remixes) of The Cause Of All My Scars... Oh, he said, that the release was only gonna be on vinyl. My wish is that this release is to hype up the upcoming remix album (yeah right, like it's ever gonna happen!?). Well just thought you might wanna know." (Note from Mike Hawly)

The #TCOAMS remix EP will be released on a variety of digital retailers, June 9.

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Promotion for the remix-EP will happen in Tel Aviv, Miami and Amsterdam!

From The Hermit's Bedroom

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No upcoming dates. Notify me when Jean Koning comes to my area.