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While PRIDE hits semi-home-town Amsterdam this week, the LGBTQ-themed short story FOUR SECONDS increases it's worldwide journey into (digital) bookstores.
Get your (ridiculously low-prized) digital copy now, and celebrate LOVE; no matter in which size, shape, or form it manifests itself...

BookTopia (Australia)
Thalia (Germany)
Saraiva (Brazil)
Politiken Books (Denmark)
Rakuten (Japan)
Club (Belgium)

Four Seconds of Pure, White Light
Falling in love. Falling in love after denying yourself to be loved. Falling in love in a state of fear. This short story is, in fact, a heart breaking love letter.
E-book: 12.21 kB/ 10 pages eISBN: 978-0-244-91564-3

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