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Black Hole Sun E.P. (released August 31st)

1-and-a-half months before the new album; the journey continues here...

JEAN KONING Covers Dead Rockers on New Album ‘Lingo: Life, Legend, Lost’

Album will include cover songs honoring David Bowie, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, Leonard Cohen and more.

Sinner-Songwriter Jean Koning will release a new solo album, Lingo: Life, Legend, Lost, filled with covers that honor late musicians such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Tom Petty. The record arrives October 9th via Out Of Office Records.

The Lingo: Life, Legend, Lost track list features songs like Petty’s “American Girl,” Bowie’s “Heroes” and Cohen’s “A Singer Must Die.” Koning also put his spin on more contemporary classics like Leon Russell’s “Delta Lady” and Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” in honor of Chris Cornell. The record also features tributes to Prince, George Michael and George Young.

In a statement, Koning explained how the project developed and led him to the title. “The original working titles evolved as the concept for the album evolved; a little bit at a time. As my understanding of what I had undertaken grew and clarified, I realized a larger truth: That the souls may have departed but the words used in these songs will forever be their resonances. These are the poets of our time and their expressions must be handed down. Poetry is lasting and elemental like carvings in rock.”

Koning recorded the album with "his" usual studio musicians. The record will also feature a guest appearance from singer Ralph George.

The record will be preceded by three E.P.'s. The first one, AMERICAN GIRL, released August 3rd,

the second E.P., BLACK HOLE SUN, released August 31st.

Alternative playlist E.P.'s are available on YouTube.