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gravedancing | NEW ITEMS IN THE STORE...

GRAVEDANCING is perhaps one of the darkest of all Jean's songs. It investigates life through a lens of unlimited possibilities, while the pressure of the rigid outside world, and the limitations of organised religion (in all of its forms) push the protagonist down.
Even though the base of the song is located in Zaanstad, through the bordered "small-minded" sonic landscape of INDUSTRIAL CITY IN THE CLOUDS as well as INDUSTRIAL CITY RMXS, the song has direct links with the Bayou just outside New Orleans. The protagonist is very much interested in the possibilities of what Voodoo can do and invests his education into a mild form of witchcraft.
This inspired the new collection, now presented in the shop, labelled "gravedancing," "gravedancing voodoo," and "gravedancing voodoo II".
With the main colours (very much like earlier collections) red, white and black, we offer an array of home-decoration items, as well as apparel, mugs, notebooks and towels.
Either click one of the designs below, to see its full collection, or visit the full shop >>>here to browse through every collection...