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amsterdam alternative dance event | DOWNLOAD #INDUSTRIALCITY RMXS FREE


If you’re in Amsterdam, you know what this week brings. It’s the annual pilgrimage of the international nightlife industry known as the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which sees hundreds of thousands from all over the world descend onto the venues, co-working spaces, hotels, and Airbnbs for 5 days of bass and beats in the capital.

In its 2+ decades, the Amsterdam Dance Event has grown from an underground collection of dance music misfits into a mainstream industry status quo conference, privileging the inner workings of music as trade over the celebration of alternative lifestyles that created house and dance music culture through the years. That said, there are some elements of relief from the thousand+ capacity institutional events like Awakenings, DGTL, Diynamic, Afterlife, and their ilk with a handful of truly off the radar, underground activities meant to provide an alternative escape to the endless after-hours and relaxed municipality drug laws. “It is very important to a city like Amsterdam, to have strong underground,” says Amsterdam Alternative curator of ex film school/squat OT301, Ivo Schmetz. “If I look at my inbox, all the emails from people coming to ADE are industry, industry, industry,” he continues. “Nothing against ADE, but we wanted to provide an alternative to the quite expensive, commercial ADE events,” he continues. From this idea, a single night was born in 2018, which has since grown into 5 events for its 2019 edition. [quoted from 31mag]

To provide music for after-parties, train-, bus-, and cab-rides from or to the endless festivities this week, we offer 200 free downloads of the INDUSTRIAL CITY RMXS album.

The free album will be available throughout the duration of the A.A.D.E./A.D.E.

Also check out the >>>VINYL version, or the >>>CD version.

Other stream-sites, which contain the album:


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