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fading picture of a wedding dress | RARE 7" VINYL VERSION RESURFACES FOR THE STREAMERS

Available for only a short moment in 2011—since the record company (and WHY beat around the bush?) didn't want to release this as a single (hence, the only(?) 1,100 copies of it) because they thought this one was the weakest of all the songs available for WAKE UP IN L.A..
However, the 1,100 copies did sell (mostly in both the America's, since Europe and Asia were kind of out of the question...) and now, the original masters (which—obviously—went M.I.A.) have resurfaced and will be brought to you in digital form.
We will provide you with the links to the most obvious shopping/streaming services soon, but expect the single to be released on the sites stated below. However, STAY POSTED for more information and direct links!!!

Listen to the Bandcamp version—which IS the original vinyl master—right here...