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MUSIC | the "journey" to the new #JK album will commence January the 1st...

"We'll be channelling this album from Venice Beach—as long as that's fashionable—which is always a joy. Not that I enjoy the beach, or anything. And we're taking it the slow pace. The very slow pace, the lomo photography, the VHS videos. And the timelessness of a story of the loss and gain of art."

MINEO is the seventh studio album by sinner-songwriter Jean Koning.
It philosophically deals with the topics of death, spirituality and social conflict, and makes brief references to ancient Gnostic mysticism from the Apocryphon of John and Greek mythologies, all through the hypothetical eyes of actor Sal Mineo.
Sonically, it incorporates a multiplicity of electronica such as synthesizers, drum-machines, and samplers as well as vintage Fender Rhodes, African drums, and the Farfisa organ.