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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | #feb12 // Nike // Notes

Dearest citizen of the falling world,

After the excessive playtime on FM-radio in most of Europe—with the obvious exception of the Netherlands, since nothing I do ever hits the Dutch limelight—Russia, the U.S. of A, and Canada, word has reached me that no other than Nike—“Just Do It!”—has picked up my little song ‘February 12’.

Words cannot express my gratitude! Mostly since last year’s pandemic issues made sure I couldn’t promote the song—and the rest of the latest album called ‘Mineo’ for that matter—in a life setting.

All this means that #feb12’s lease on life has been renewed. 

The last time some big shot company used one of my tunes, dates back to fifteen years ago, when Ford—the car company—used snippets of a track called ‘Truce’ for their TV and Radio campaign to promote their renewed Focus line. Speaking of which; this year we will also revisit the ‘Truce’ track—happy 15th, I guess—and its host !JP’s ‘Notes From Purgatory’, whose remaster—the new analog one—will be released exclusively on BandCamp later this year. Stay posted for that one.

For the time being, enjoy #feb12 here again—or use one of the provided links to a service of your choice—and let its light shine from your speakers/headphones/telephones…

Thank you all so much for listening to this song over and over and over again…