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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | WAKE UP IN L.A. = 10!!! (& we're here to celebrate...)

"Dark organ-washed bass-pounding shuffle till it hurts post-post-punk lo-fi danceable terror from Jean Koning (& they’re some damn catchy tunes)."

These words above, were spray-painted all over the garage walls—the garage which functioned as a temporary recording studio—when a group of musicians (led by our hero #JK) finished the recordings of Jean’s sophomore album WAKE UP IN L.A. somewhere in early 2011. And some heroic effort it turned out to be.
WAKE UP IN L.A. is—to date—still #JK’s most psychedelic album. Strange storytelling, weird poetry, overdrive organs and distorted guitars. It’s not very difficult to hear that the recording sessions had frequent intermissions for surf-trips, long drinking sessions, and intermediate bonfire hoedowns. And there’s that fantastic tape-hiss humming throughout the final album mix.

WAKE UP IN L.A. is one of those real musicians’ efforts, where creativity, improvising, and musicianship walk hand in hand and create true and original stories set to true and original music in a unique production.
It turned out to be the only #JK album, which was fully promoted and hailed by the NME magazine.

Now we celebrate its’ tenth anniversary.
And, firstly, we do that by rereleasing the vinyl version of the album. A new mix was made from the original 4-track tapes and remastered using 1970’s equipment to maintain the psychedelic sound.

The vinyl rerelease is available for a limited time only.

Secondly, that very same renewed "old" master is the basis for the new digital version, which will replace the old one, which has been traveling the Internet for ten years now.
It's not a huge secret, #JK was always displeased by the digital treatment of his first three solo albums.
And after Man Enough To Be A Woman and Industrial City In The Clouds, now Wake Up In L.A. is also, digitally, available in its most pure, unaltered, hissing form.
A new mix was made from the original 4-track tapes, using the latest analog-to-digital methods, and remastered using 1970’s equipment to maintain the psychedelic sound.


And, thirdly, however, certainly not leastly, during the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine situation, #JK took off to the Internet and played a live set, streamed directly to the Net. A small, intimate, very early morning live set, consisting of songs from #WUILA. Played like he would play them today. Ten years after its release. And some of the songs haven't been played for that same ten years.
This performance forms the new satellite album WAKE UP IN L.A | TEN YEARS LATER // LIVE FROM MY LIVING ROOM. This album will be exclusively available in digital form on BandCamp and YouTube.