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Poor Jericho | OUT NOW!

Poor Jericho is the eighth studio solo album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning. It was released on 20 October 2021 by Out Of Office Records. It was produced by Jean Koning and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown in a mobile studio in Zaandijk. The session musicians recorded their parts at home or while streaming on-line. Recording sessions were from May to September 2020.

Poor Jericho produced three singles – "Panem Et Circenses", "Dear Kitty", and "Under Milk Wood".


1. Corrupted Blood Incident                         
2. Under Milk Wood (ft. Ralph George)      
3. Panem Et Circenses                                  
4. Waltzing Under African Skies                  
5. Broken Horse                                            
6. Between Corona And Surface                   
7. Dear Kitty                                                
8. Liberate Te Ex Machina