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no more affairs | POETRY TO ENTER A NEW PHASE...

With the lock-down and the ongoing Covid-affairs still fresh in our conscious minds, and not even having beat the virus–in case you wonder; it's still among us–I, as a person, am willing to move on…

I am leaving it all behind, like a chapter in a book… I've watched, learned, offered, paused, wondered, cried… and now I'm moving on…

And I do that with the first poetry I've published in 14 years…


that fathomless depth within him is like a conglomeration wish-list, therefore so is he

he wants to bathe in deep coastal blue waters, petting the back of a leatherback sea-turtle while eulogising Jean de La Fontaine

he wants to glide by reefs of pink coral, and myriad orangy white-ish schools of anemonefish, all in one breathe

closer to home
he wants to heroically barefoot down sidewalks, mud, and sand, seeking Zootoca vivipara and wannabe pillagers that would be his friend

he wants to watch horror movies on saturday night in the local cinema and dance in the kitchen to the smell of fresh-out-of-the-oven pumpkin pies
and fresh baked bread
the morning after

he wants to make up stories that people want to hear, and learn how to paint like Van Gogh used to do

he wants to ride a mustang forever–both the car version as well as the equus one

he wants to touch his own heart again, and know that it still beats strong

he wants to run, and walk, and smell the snowdrops in the humid air, and watch shakespearean dramas, and meet odd people

but he settles to rest his head on your lap tonight