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CELEBRATORY 23 | Asbestos Poisoning

Returning to–the award-winning, mind you–Asbestos Poisoning.

Set to the heartbeat-drone sound of the bass-guitar, continuing in C. Jamming with the entire orchestra to the story of a man, gently dying of Asbestos Poisoning caused by malfunctioning and inability during his his daytime job.

This is the story of one person, however a reality of many. 

The man devoted his life to his job, ending up with a severe problem a lot of businesses and factories refused to deal with–fact, fact, m*th*rf*cker, bl**dy fact!.

In the Industrial City form of realism, this track was one of many, dealing with the problem of human life vs. economics–a topic which returned to form on many other albums after Industrial City. 

#JK’s initial idea to record the song, was with some sort of electrolarynx, however, the record company–fused with IM International, and therefore Universal–refused to see this idea realised. #JK–as producer, with S.T. Vacirca as functioning engineer–settled for Autotune instead.