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Returning to SexyBack.

While recording Wake Up In L.A., #JK and his studio band took some time off from the original material for #WUILA, and had some fun in the studio, interpreting songs by others. 

They kept the tapes rolling, though. The rough recordings were edited in some respect, keeping alive the atmosphere and mood of the day. #JK aimed for some of the recordings to become B-sides for the 10” Vinyl program, which was launched for promotional efforts concerning #WUILA.

However, none of those ideas were realised. The recorded covers found a way to two #MINIATURES albums, which were released for VIP-fans. One of the #MINIATURES albums was used as the soundtrack for a theatrical play in Amsterdam. The second one was a sought after collectors item on CD. 

Three years after the release of MINIATURES 2: AN AMERICAN TALE, one of the covers was picked up by College Radio in the U.S. of A, and became the second big cover–following the success of WHEN DOVES CRY. 

That song, SEXYBACK, originally performed by Justin Timberlake, is one of #JK’s favourites from the #WUILA recording sessions.

It also became the version for Justin Timberlake live shows, which was an honour.