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CELEBRATORY 23 | beinoni [record store day 2023]

is the second compilation solo album by Sinner Songwriter Jean Koning associated with Record Store Day. It was released on 22 April 2023 by Record Store Day Exclusive, under licence of Coffee And Cheesecake Records and Out Of Office Records. It was produced by Jean Koning.

The album beinoni consists of songs from Wake Up In L.A., Industrial City In The Clouds, theLOTUStape, MINEO, Miniatures 1: “Pain”, and Poor Jericho, however some of the songs are presented in alternative edits. Additionally, three songs from From The Hermit’s Bedroom are solely presented in their Sterx Version edits and mixes, and American Girl, originally from Lingo: Life Legend Lost, comes from an alternative tape recording from the original recording sessions.
The album title is derived from kabbalistic theory. It literally means “intermediate one” and represents an individual whose spiritual labours have brought him to a level of perfection in thought, word, and deed, despite his still-active evil inclination. In other words: the “intermediate one”–represented as the main characters in the songs–possesses an animal soul that still desires evil, but he succeeds at constantly restraining himself from sin in action, speech, and even thought; this, however, requires ongoing tension and struggle.

Attn: René! 

Album produced by Jean Koning. All songs written by Koning, except POOR EDWARD by Waits/Brennan and AMERICAN GIRL by Petty.

1. February 12 (Radio Edit) 2. Can You Gimme Love (23 Edit) 3. Asbestos Poisoning (23 Edit) 4. Fading Picture Of A Wedding Dress (23 Edit) 5. Panem Et Circenses (Single Mix) 6. Truly Love The Hunt (Sterx Mix 23 Edit) 7. The Insults The Insults The Insults (Sterx Mix) 8. Poor Edward 9. Just The Mess We Made (Sterx Mix) 10. American Girl (Alternative Tape Recording Mix)



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