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ongoing Covid-19 affairs | "MINEO" vinyl available again...

#JK's last album "MINEO" returns to vinyl and is now available to purchase--which is a good thing, now that you have completely run out of things to say to each other.

When "MINEO" first hit the scene, August 2020, the limited vinyl version sold out in one week. For which the makers are extremely grateful.
And now that Nike™ has decided to add FEBRUARY 12 to one of their Spotify Playlists, OUT OF OFFICE RECORDS has put another run of the vinyl "MINEO" out there again, awaiting your discovery.

THE VINYL VERSION OF "MINEO" IS (ONCE AGAIN) AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! It is a handmade (diamond carved) vinyl record, packed in a spray-painted reproduction of the original artwork. It takes a full day to complete one single record, so production can experience some sort of delay. Also, keep in mind that we ship worldwide from the U.S. and are completely depended on the postal services during this pandemic. Everybody--production, logistics--is working extremely hard to get this album delivered to your house as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, the album is also still available as CD, digital download or stream.


Find more information about "MINEO" >>>here.


A word of thanks by Jean:
I'd like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the following people to have not only taken on the "MINEO"-journey with me, but also made sure we all survived and got back to home-base at the end of a dazzling ride, and, not in the least, who have made this dark time a little more lighter:
Ralph (who ignited the entire project), S.T. Vacirca & Miss Q (for the artwork and photography), Jan Willem (for On Common Ground), Miss M (as always; for accounting), Reniet and Danny (for invisible magic in the studio--I learned so much), Rob (for hosting the sole MINEO show on the radio), Sal Mineo (for inspiration and spirited nightly visits to the side of my bed in the middle of the night--that's what the album is about; the conjuring with spirits from the past to come to a better understanding of the world we live in today), Artist Republic PR (WW), TM PR (Japan), and Buzz PR (Russia & France) for your endless effords to get the music played all over the place, Martijn & Lizzy (of Koek Enterprises for igniting the second run of vinyl), and last, but not in the very least YOU, listener...

photo taken during the mineo photoshoot


1. New Adam
2. Lost Angeles
3. February 12
4. Rebel Without A Cause

1. For Saddening Eyes
2. Our Little Boy
3. On Common Ground
4. Breathe It


Some people are not in the possession of a turntable. For those we've created a special CD version of the vinyl version of the album.
You can purchase that limited edition >>>here.